Gown Re-beading

Prom season is here and gowns will need to be altered.  Many gowns are fully beaded as the one shown in this photo.  When gowns don't fit just right and have to be taken in or let out, this can be challenging.  To properly alter the bodice of the gown, re-beading is of the utmost importance in order to make the gown look right.  Remember, you should "feel" the alteration, not "see" it.  In this particular gown's case, the customer needed more room in the bodice.  The gown was let out all the way.  As you can see when this is done, there is blank space where there is no beading.  

This  photo shows the end result when proper beading is done corrctly.  The beads used to rebead the gown did not match the existing bead work, however, with clever techniques, the new beads were manuvered to match, and the results are amazing! Needless to say, this customer was very pleased!