The Infamous Red Dress

The Infamous Red Dress" was designed and created several years ago (2002) and was made especially for myself.  There is a story behind this dress.  One day while watching music videos, I was so impressed with an outfit that Lisa "left eye" Lopez was wearing when she appeared in a video for Donnell Jones' song "You Know What's Up".  In the video, she is coming down the hall in a white pant outfit with chiffon attached to her wrist.  It inspired me to design my version of the outfit, but instead of pants and a top, I designed a dress.   The dress is a halter style with chiffon connecting the bodice to the neck.  The bodice is made with a floral print glitter organza fabric overlay.  The base is made from poly satin and the dress is fully lined.  The bodice front and back are trimmed with rhinestones.  The dress has a side split.   Chiffon is attached at the back of the neck as well as the glitter organza overlayed cuffs. The chiffon doubles as a wrap.  So whenever you feel a chill, just "hug" yourself with the chiffon.  The cuffs (functional) are accented with two rhinestone buttons. This dress has been temporarily altered down to fit the model (my daughter Vernittia Brown).  This dress is a joy to wear, it turns heads getting you more than the needed attention.   I enjoy putting on fashion shows.  I have done several in the past and hope to do more in the future.  My signature to my fashion shows is I finish the show off with red dresses.  The "Infamous Red Dress" is always the finale to end the show!


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