Re'Lin Designs

Re'Lin Designs...what does it mean?  Re'Lin Designs is the design label for Niler's Fashions.  Re'Lin  is Niler spelled backwards.  It has been my design name for years.  I thought I'd be like know...Harpo Productions.  Harpo is Oprah spelled backwards (I always wanted to be on her show and share that with her). It worked for her, thought it would work for me as well.  At any rate, when I speak of Re'Lin Designs, I speak of the gowns or garments, crafts, and jewelry that I personally design.  In this post you are looking at one of Re'Lin Designs gowns.  The gown featured here is a strapless short gown made from black bengaline fabric.  A fabric that got it's origin from Bengal, India. This is a stretch fabric which will mold to every curve.  The bodice is a sweetheart style accented with a rhinestone centerpiece.  The skirt of the dress is gathered to give that "girlie" look.  The model is also wearing a matching wrap for those cool nights or to just throw the wrap around the shoulders for that sophisticated look.  This was a fun dress to make and and even more exciting dress to wear!


  1. What lovely fabric Niler! And u got it girl, HARPO worked for Oprah so u better put that Re'Lin to work for Niler!!! :) Lovely garment hunee!


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