"I Can Sew Now!" Beginners Sewing Chapter 1 Part 1

This sewing lesson is designed for those of you who have little or no sewing experience at all.  This first video helps you to get prepared to sew.  So many people began to sew, but they forget that proper posture and sewing machine positioning is of the utmost importance.  When you have improper posture, it can lead to back pain, neck pain, and sewing discomfort.  In this video I will inform you of how important it is to have the proper height of your sewing machine as well as important safety features while operating your sewing machine.  Always refer to your sewing machine manual for the proper operation of your sewing machine.


  1. Hi Niler! I really enjoy your sewing videos, thank you so much for making them. I am a male sewist and I would love to see you do some sewing form men, like making shirts or trousers!


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