What Do Bridesmaids Do At My Wedding?

You've received your ring, you said "I do" and you have set the date.  What's next?  You need to pick your bridesmaids.  Will it be your sister, your cousin, your best friend since kindergarten, or a relative of the groom?  Regardless of who you choose as your bridesmaid, they will be there for a purpose.  Many bridesmaids get excited to be in a wedding so they can wear a pretty dress, get lots of attention being part of the wedding party.  There more to being a bridesmaid than dressing up.  As a bride you have carefully chosen the people you want in YOUR wedding, so you need to decide what these people will help you do, beside they are called "bridesmaids".  They are there to cater to you...the bride!  There will be many tasks that you will need assistance with.  When you go to pick out your bridal gown, it is wise to take a bridesmaid with you, preferably the maid or matron of honor.  They can assist you in helping you determine which gown would better suit you.  After all they are your friends (or relatives) and they will know a little bit about your taste.  It's always nice to have your peers, in addition to your mom, tell you the truth when the dress you think is your dream gown looks hideous on you.  Moms will be bias; they are going to see their baby in a wedding gown and get all teared up.  Your friend will be more honest with you.  Having your bridesmaid with you at the bridal shop will be the beginning of many more responsible tasks they will need to perform.