Hand Sewing Secrets

Whenever I am hand sewing, I've found one of the biggest challenges is preventing the thread from getting tangled.  Many people like to use a thread wax, but when you don’t have that handy, I have found something that works just as good.  First of all, why does the thread get tangled any way.  Thread is wound on spools so naturally when the thread is unwound, it will have a curvature like the spool it came off of. 
To straighten the thread I have found that ironing the thread once I have threaded my needle gives me a perfectly straight strand of thread.  Depending on how much hand sewing you will be doing, you may have to iron the thread again.  When thread gets pulled through fabric, it gets stressed, so the more you pull the thread in and out of the fabric, the more likelihood of your thread getting tangle, but a few hits with a hot iron seam to do the trick.  Now you can hand sew with ease!