Measuring For A Formal Gown

Your best friend got engaged and she want you to be in her wedding.  The only problem is, she lives hundreds of miles away and she need to get your measurements for your bridesmaid dress.  There are only a few simple measurements that are needed to order a formal gown.  The diagram to the left show the basic measurements to make this happen.  The upper bust is the measurement around the chest just under the arm.  The full bust is the measurement that circumferences the fullest part of the bust.  The waist measurement is simply that...your ACTUAL waist.  With today's new fashions, the waistline has dropped to the upper hip line, don't get this measurement confused with your actual waist.  Your hip measurement will be the fullest part of the hip. Some physiques have wide hips, where as other have extended derrieres, in either case, make sure you measure the fullest part.  And finally, your gown company may ask for the hollow to hem and in which case will be the measurement from that indention just above your collar bone under your neck to the finished length on the floor.