Wedding Day Secrets II

Help From Your Bridesmaids

It's just hours from your big walk down the isle and you have wedding day do you manage this?  With your "carefully selected" bridesmaids.  So many young ladies dream of being in a wedding and dressing up in a beautiful gown, but they forget one very important thing...IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU...IT'S ABOUT THE BRIDE! As a bride you don't want a "bridesmaidzilla."  So many times bridesmaids forget what their role is.  They are not just there to "look good" in a pretty dress, they are there to assist the you (the bride) with any task that will make your day more DELEGATE, DELEGATE, DELEGATE!  Your maid/matron of honor...her job is a little more important than your other bridesmaids.  She should handle duties such as assisting you with your dress, veil, etc., holding your bouquet during the ring exchange, and bustling your gown at the reception.  However, her most important job is...keeping others at a reasonable distance when you DO NOT want to be bothered!