Wedding Day Survival Kit

"Must Have" Items On Your Wedding Day.
That special day has arrived and you want everything to be just perfect!  You are getting dressed and you realized that some things are not going just right.  You must be prepared for every little thing that could possibly go wrong on your wedding day. Do you have all the "little things" that are needed for a flawless ceremony? 
Listed below are items that are needed for your wedding day and what the items can be used for. 

Alcohol Wipes:  clean minor wounds, and clean those cloudy eye glasses. 
Band aids:  minor cuts, sooth blisters on the bottom of your foot.   
Hair Pins:  hair helper, hold veil or headpiece in place. 
Cotton Balls: apply facial cleaner.  
Hollywood Fashion Tape:  keeps straps in place, quick hem repair, keep strapless dress up, keep bow in place. 
Emory Boards:  catch that hangnail before it ruins your dress. 
Cotton Swabs:  clear eye makeup mistakes. 
Lip Balm: dry lips, stop minor cuts from bleeding. 
Clear nail polish  stop nylon runs (that is if anyone wears them anymore). 
Advil: rid you of pre-wedding headache. 
Post It Notes: note taking, and to slip an "I love you" note to the groom.
Pen: writing utensil.  
Rubber band: When the dancing gets good, you will need to put your hair up in a ponytail. 
Safety Pins:  Keep up loose skirts or pants. 
Superglue:  to repair loose beads, flowers, fingernails, etc
Minor Sewing Kit:  for the brave soul who can mend or repair.  
Tissue: you, your bridesmaids, or mob (mother of the bride) will need help with wedding emotions.
Tums: relieve heartburn that can be brought on by stress.  
Mints: can't kiss the groom with dragon breath. 
Throwaway Camera: for 2nd most important photo of the evening (tune in for that in a later post)
Blue Throw Garter: doubles as that "something blue". 
Keepsake Purse: to carry needed items and cash gifts.
Chewing Gum: helps calm the nerves...please remove before the wedding! Have all these items on hand your day will go much smoother.  You may not have the royal wedding, but your day will go smoothly and it make your feel like royalty!