What Sewing Tip Would You Like To Know?

Give me your feedback.  Let me know what sewing tip you want to hear about. With the economy failing as it has, we need to take every opportunity to make the best of what we have. Maybe there are garments in our possession that just need a simple make over rather than being replaced with a costly garment.

I would love to hear from you!


  1. I have not found where I can be his follower.

  2. Dear Niler, I stumbled on your website by trying to learn how to cut a circle skirt. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and now I reside in Alabama. I was overwhelmed when I saw you on youtube. I am interested in buying your dvd's so I can surpport your business. I sew also, but it's good to get tips and instructions when you are stuck on a project. I just started sewing little girls dresses and I am interested if you have dvd's for children.
    Brenda from Alabama

  3. I just found your webb site. I have been sewing for 50 years but have never though of some of your marvelous tricks and tips! You asked if there was something we would like to learn about. Well, I have found many, many panrts, and jogging pants at the Goodwill or just on sale but they are too big in the seat and legs. I would like to know how to alter. I can sew from a pattern but altering has always been an area I never touched. However, you make it look so easy. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.


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