What's My Bra Size?

Today there are many new designers popping up on the scene, each with a new twist on today's fashions.  Women all over the world are eager to wear the latest designs, but what good would it be to wear the hottest new top or dress when you have an old, outdated bra that doesn't fit.  So, how is it that we know exactly what bra size to purchase?  There is a simple solution to figuring that out.  With just two simple measurement, you can finally purchase the right bra size. 

Measurement # 1: 

Measure your chest above the fullest part of your bust this is call the upper bust.  In the photo, the upper bust measurement is 33".  This will be the actual bra size.  It's always good to purchase 1 size larger so that you can adjust the bust strap.  In this case, the bra size would be a 34" bra.

Measurement # 2:

Next you need to find out what your cup size is.  In this measurement you will measure the fullest part of the bust.  This will be the actual full bust measurement.  In the photo the bust measurement is 34".  To find out what cup size to purchase, take the measurement from the upper bust and subtract it from the full bust measurement.  In this case, the difference is 1".  For the cup measurement, each inch stands for a cup size.  If the difference is 1" the cup size is an A, 2" = B, 3" = C, 4" = D and so on.


  1. Very helpful and very important. Thanks a lot

  2. Thank you so much for that information because I never knew that and I always guess my size. But I am grateful because of my 13 yr old niece who has grown and we did not know how to measure for the right size. So this will really help.


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