Sewing With Tissue Lame'

Tissue lame’ is an inexpensive metallic fabric. It is known for its beautiful lustful shimmer. This fabric is used a lot during the fall holiday season. It makes great bows and classy decorations. What about using lame’ to make clothing? This is only for the brave at heart! Sewing with tissue lame’ can be challenging. It is characteristically known for unraveling.
  • To sew with this fabric you will need to use a size 9 sewing needle which is a thin needle with sharp point.
  • I’ve found that when I want to sew with lame’ I have to back the fabric to give it stability and to prevent fraying. 
  • This will not affect the luster of the lame; it only makes it stable and easier to work with.

These photos show fashions I have designed using lame’.

Silver lame’ fabric was used to create a pageant gown for a Miss Georgia Pageant contestant.

Gold lame was used to make this beautiful wedding gown with a lace overlay.

The gold lame’ was also used to make the groom’s vest as well as cummerbunds and bow ties for the groomsmen.

As you can see, lame’ can truly make a garment shine when it is constructed correctly.


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