How To Make Crochet Butterfly Refrigerator Magnets

This crochet pattern is a fun and whimsical patter to make with your kids or to give as fun gifts. Who couldn’t use “another”refrigerator magnet! The wonderful thing about this refrigerator magnet is that it was hand made by you and it came from the heart. Below you will find the instructions to make your very own butterfly refrigerator magnets to give to all your friends and family! Happy Crocheting!
Instructions for Butterfly Refrigerator Magnets
· Row 1: ch 6, sl st in 1st ch to close circle
· Row 2: ch 3 (will act as 1st dc) wk 2 dc in circle, ch 1 *wk 3 dc in center hole, ch 1* repeat from * to * 7 times (total of 8 sets of 3 dc with 1 ch st separating ea. Set of 3 dc), sl st in top of ch 3 to close, sl st over to ch 1 sp
· Row 3: ch 3 (will act as 1st dc) wk 2 dc in ch 1 sp, ch 2, wk 3 dc in same ch 1 sp, ch 1, *wk 3 dc in nest ch 1 sp, ch 2 wk 3 dc in same sp, ch 1*, repeat from * to * 7 times, sl st close in top of ch 3, sl st through next 2 dc until close…finish off. Join new color, sl knot, sl st in ch I sp
· Row 4: ch 3 (acts as 1stdc), wk 7 dc in ch 1 sp, *sc in ch 2 sp, wk 8 dc in ch 1 sp* repeat from * to*, sl st in top of ch 3, sl st to point of 8 dc. Cut yarn, sl st to finish off.
· Fold flower in half to get the butterfly look
· Take pipe cleaner & fold in half, insert butterfly into fold of pipe cleaner, twist to close
· Take ends of pipe cleaner and cur the tips to form tops of antennas
· Add 4 adhesive magnets to back of magnet
· Place on refrigerator   

Happy Crocheting!

Video Version:


  1. Thank you for the video! I'm still new at crocheting so the video was a great help to me.

  2. Thank you so much for having this training video on refrigerator butterfly magnets. I was visiting my stepmother and father and she had some on her frig. I thought they were so cute and I wanted to make them. Thanks again. It was very clear and concise.

  3. I was so happy to find your vid that i had to come visit your page ! I am so thrilled to find this! You are awesome! I am bookmarking your page for future reference. Please never take down the video! I can't wait to see what else you have. :-)

  4. I Love this pattern! I am needing a pattern for a butterfly just like this but a little smaller. I am wanting it for a babies headband. Do you have any suggestions?

  5. Maybe if you use a smaller hook & thinner yarn, and do single crochets instead of double, it would turn out smaller.

  6. What size yarn? Sport yarn, 4ply regular crocheting yarn? what size needle/?

  7. Can you answer my question about what kind of yarn? What size needle? Sport yarn or 4 ounce 4 ply yarn?

  8. Thank you for these instructions. My mom made me some when I was much younger, and I don't know what happened to them. I've always wanted to replace them!


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