The Lost Art

Sewing has become the lost art.  I remember the days when we went to Jr. High School and we were taught home economics.  This particular class would include teaching us how to cook, clean and sew.  Many today do have an idea of how to do basic cleaning, but what about how to sew on that missing button that just fell off of your favorite blouse?  That homec class would show you how to sew on that button.  It is so sad that today’s young ladies know more about how to download the latest phone application than how to repair their latest fashion.  Technology has replaced art!  The new “smart” phone cannot repair your blouse, nor can you “download” the latest application that might teach you how to “quick mend” a garment.  Why quick mend when you can do it right the first time.  Take a sewing class that will teach you how to sew and repair your garments when they are not up to par!