Replacing A Missing Button

Thread a needle
You go to your closet to pull out a shirt that matches perfectly with your new skirt.  Upon putting it on, you notice a button is missing!

Replacing a button is a very simple task.

Start by threading a needle and adding a knot at the end of the thread to hold the thread in the fabric.  Be sure to thread the needle  with thread that matches the thread in the existing buttons on the shirt.

Next insert needle into spot the spot where the missing button was.
Anchor the thread a couple of time to keep the thread in tack.

Next insert the needle into one of the 4 eyes (2 if your button only has 2) from the underside of the button.
Pull the thread through and insert the needle into the adjacent hole from the right side of the button through to the back of the fabric. 

Repeat this step several times through both sets of holes in the button.

When you have completed both sets of holes you want to anchor the thread on the wrong side of the fabric to make sure that the button is sewn in securely. Now you are done! 
Happy Sewing!

For a video version of how to sew on a button click on the following link: