Recycled Denim 101

How many times have you cut off a pair of jeans and have that leftover hem?  You wonder what you can do with it because you don't want to throw it away.  With everyone trying to go green these want to take everything that "looks" like it's trash and turn it in to something useful.  That's exactly what I did in making this purse.  I had several pieces of cut off jeans.   I took the pieces and cut them into 4" squares.  I took the squares and stitched them together to make an interesting pattern. Using denim thread will make a bigger impact on your project.

 Before I cut the squares, I cut the actual hem off. By doing this,  the actual hem becomes the trim that joins the front to the back as well as the strap.  This becomes a very durable purse, that's fashionable and very much "green".  So dig into your scraps, pull out that expensive denim and take advantage of this project.  I hope you take the time to make this purse for yourself.  I thoroughly enjoyed it...Happy Sewing!


  1. can you please post/youtube more projects for using denim? i have lots of great denim jeans to use, most with lycra. i am a beginner and would appreciate a youtube version so i can watch. thank you for your videos and website. i just discovered you tonight and i look forward to learning more!


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