Clearance Rack Makeover

When you go shopping in your favorite department store, don't overlook the clearance racks.  I know your probably thinking, "that's the first place I go!"  Great! 

Well, the next time you go, search for those damaged items such as this one.  That's just what my customer did here.  She found this beautiful dress marked down to a jaw dropping price.  The reason the gown was marked down was because the trim on the roses was unraveling.  This was probably due to the fact that many people had tried the dress on.  The customer saw beyond the damaged roses and she just had to have that dress!

With the purchase of a small piece of fabric, decorative thread, and a little sewing-know-how, I was able to take her dress and transform it into a stunning gown that looks like it should be on the red carpet!

Want to see how this transformation was made, click on the link below where you can get the inspiration to recreate  your clearance rack find.

Happy Shopping!