Straight Stitching

Straight stitching is the basic sewing stitch.  This stitch is used for basic garment construction.  The straight stitch can also be used for topstiching in a decorative way. It has varying stitch types which can be based upon the adjustment of the stitch length regulator and the length of stitches based on the setting for the feed dogs. Varying types of stitches include: fine stitch, regular stitch, baste stitch and longer basting stitches.  The fine stitch could range from around 15 to 25 stitches per inch.  This stitch can be used for light weight fabrics and for satin stitching.  The regular stitch could range from 9 to 16 stitches per inch.  This will fall into the basic sewing category of stitches.  When it comes to basting stitches, this stitch can vary in length.  Some basting stitches have been know to be upwards of 2 inches.  At any rate, the straight stitch will be the "starting"stitch for most of your sewing projects.