Earring-Necklace...Cool Jewelry!

Can't figure out what earrings and what necklace to wear to your special occasion? 

Why not wear them both...at the same time!
That's right, why not wear you necklace and earring together as a combination.  This piece of jewelry allows you to always have matching earrings and necklace because they become one.  No more searching for the right earring to wear with that cool necklace.  Problem solved!

Welcome to the earring-necklace combo!

Check out my next post where I show you how to take your existing necklace or, as in my case, purchase one from the clearance rack and turn it into your very own custom earring necklace.  I hope you try this.  You will certainly be pleased with the results.  Happy Crafting!


  1. this is reallly cool i'v been searching for them everywhere and cant find them


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