How To Sew A French Seam

Do you need to finish the seams of your garment, but you don't have a serger? Don't have a pair of "pinking shears" and you really do not like zigzag stitching your seams? Is your garment one of those that sheds like your hair? Have no can simple do a french seam!  The french seam is a very simple, easy, and elegant way to finish off your garment seams with little fuss.  If you know know I like things that are simple, easy, and practical, and this seam is just that.

If your pattern/projects calls for a 5/8" seam allowance, you will sew a 1/4" seam allowance. Make sure that you sew the fabric with WRONG sides together.

If you choose to, you can trim the seam allowance close to the stitching to insure that the seam will be completely enclosed.
To complete the french seam, you will now sew a 3/8" seam allowance  This will complete your 5/8" seam allowance.  (1/4" = 2/8"...2/8" + 3/8" = 5/8")
The finished product gives you a nice seam on the outside and a very nice finished seam on the inside.  The type of finishing is perfect for your sheer fabrics such as chiffon and organza.  By using this technique, you can give your garment a nice professional look.  I hope this tip is helpful for you...Happy Sewing!

Click below to see a video tutorial of this technique.


  1. Thank you! I don't have a serger. I hope to practice this soon!


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