Water Bottle Koozie Made From Recycled T-Shirt

Do you drink a lot of water or cold beverages? Do you hate it when your bottle sweats and leaves a trail of water everywhere?  So do I!  I drink a LOT of water and I like to reuse my water bottles and half freeze them.  I can then refill the ice with filtered water and keep it cool all day long.  The only problem I run into with that is, it always sweats.  Koozies are the way to go. They come in all colors and many merchants pass these out to their potential clients so they can advertise their businesses.  I really hate that!  When I'm drinking my water, I don't want to look at a company's name and logo every time I take a sip! I just sayin'. So I like to have my own design on my own koozie and they are so easy to make.
Start with an old t-shirt

Make a pattern from an existing koozie that you have in your possession.
Lay out your pattern on your t-shirt.  I drafted my koozie pattern on the fold so make sure to lay your pattern piece on the fold of your t-shirt.  If you are using a t-shirt that has a print on it that you "do not like",, simple put the print on the inside of the koozie.  No one will ever know it's there!
Now you simply cut out your pattern on the t-shirt.  I have my t-shirt folded in half,   When I'm cutting out my pattern, I'm cutting through 4 layers.  This will give me two koozie pieces.  One will be the outer layer and one will be the liner.
This is what your fabric will look like after you have cut out the pattern...two 
squares with a circle in the middle.
Take your fabric cut out, and place it on the fold of a piece of cotton batting.  I'm using a 
cotton batting instead of a polyester batting because my t-shirt is 100% cotton.
Now that the batting is cut out, use stitch witchery or a thin strip 
of fusible web to adhere the batting to the fabric.
Put the strips down the center, and on each side of each of the squares.
Carefully position the batting on top of the fabric.
Flip the project so that the fabric is facing up and the batting
is underneath.  Iron the fabric to insure that the fusible web
attaches and secures the 2 pieces in place.
If you are using an applique, now is the time to iron the applique
in place on either or both sides of the koozie.  In this pattern, I 
have chosen a breast cancer emblem which I'm attaching to only
one side of my koozie. (you could attach it to both sides.)
Once the applique is in place, you want to do an 
embroidering stitch to secure your applique.
Now, lay the lining piece on top of the fabric, right sides together,
and pin in place.
Leaving one of the ends open, sew the koozie together all around,
insuring to back stitch at the beginning and the end of the opening.
Clip the corners of the circle...
...and clip the corners of each of the squares
Turn your koozie right side out insuring that all corners
and curves are extended.
Press your Koozie flat and top stitch closed the opening end.
To connect the koozie, place two of the squares 
wrong sides butt up together. 
Zig zag the two ends together all the way down the koozie, which 
will leave a nice flat side seam to your koozie without the bulk.
To complete the other seam, you will do the same process of 
putting the two ends together and zig zaging down to the end. 
In this instance, you will be sewing in a hole, so to speak, in
order to close up the koozie.
And...Voila! You have your t-shirt koozie!

Would you like to see a video of how this is done?Click on the link below...Happy Sewing!