Panda Bear Download Graphghan Color Grid Pattern $3.50

This grid allows you to view the graphghan picture and count the squares as you work. This grid is a 60  x 60 squares pillow top.  It allows you to see each color on the grid before you began to crochet which will allow you to change the colors if you would like, to fit your taste. You can use an assortment of pillow back designs. I used Redheart Yarn for this crochet project. To use a crochet back, single crochet 60 stitches by 60 rows. Single crochet the two panels together (right sides together).  You could also use a fabric backing, just lay your panel on top of your desired fabric and cut out. You can machine stitch the crochet panel to the fabric panel.  Remember to leave and opening to stuff your pillow whether you use a crochet or fabric panel back.  The written instructions are also available for download.