Solar Eclipse 2017 Graphghan!

Solar Eclipse Graphghan

What did you do on Monday, August 21, 20107? Did you catch a glimpse of the rare solar eclipse?  Were you in the "path of totality"? Well, if you were, you experienced a rare treat! 
No doubt the eclipse was the talk of the year.  This was a special moment where cell phones did not matter.  Imagine that...millions of people were either watching the eclipse in person, or via some media outlet...not very many people were ON THEIR PHONES!!!!  Imagine that! This was a moment for all to view the wonders of creation. We are all in awe when it comes to rare celestial events that we can view with our own eyes.  So..did it inspire you? I must say, it did inspire me.

I was inspired to create this beautiful solar eclipse graphghan pillow.  Every time I look at this pillow, it will remind me of that wonderful occasion were we were all outside, looking up at the sun through our kooky solar glasses, that is if you were able to find a pair...they became a rare item! 

This graphghan was so fun to make and every moment I spent crocheting it, I was anticipating the eclipse.  I was so happy to have completed it the day of the eclipse!  Do you want to try this fun project?  This unique pattern is available for download.  You can download the picture graph where you can count the squares yourself, or if you'd like the easy way out, simple download the written instructions where all the work has been done for you.  I hope that you will have as much fun making this pillow as I did.  I must say, this was one of my more exciting crochet projects that I have done in long time...Happy Crocheting!