What Is A Crochet Graphghan?

A graphghan is a crochet project that is created by using a graph, a picture and single crochet stitches (sc).

To start your project, you must choose a crochet hook in order to determine the size of your project. The larger the letter size of your hook, the bigger your project willbe.
Once you have determined the hook size, you will need to sc a sample using that hook. Crochet as many stitches across to measure 3 or 4 inches, and as many rows to equal 3-4 inches in height as shown in the photo.
Next, cut out a piece of paper that is 3 or 4 inches squares and add 1" grid lines.

Now count the number of stitches across that make up 1" and do the same for the number of rows that make up 1". Once this is done, multiply these numbers by the size that you want you project to be. This will l tell you how many squares across and how many rows your graph paper needs to be easier for your project.
Now you create your graph...
Find or draw your picture...

... and insert it into your graph.

Now you want to fine tune each square for coloring. This should be done with a pen or marker before you color in the squares. You'll do this to make sure there are no lines that split a square in half. If there are, you will have to determine which color will dominate the square. Once the ltline is done, you will now color your squares the color of the yarn that you will be using.

Now you will start Crocheting. You will always start your project with chain stitches equalling the number of horizontal squares. In the case of this diagram you would chain 30. Next, chain 2 to start your first row. You will always change 2 at the end of each row which will act as the first sc for the next row. Then, using your base color (this is also called the background color and will be the color that will dominate you project or frame it), you will start counting your squares and crochet that number of stitches. As you come to a new color, you change colors and begin with your next color. 

Graphghans are fun and addictive. I hope you will have a much fun make one them as I have... Happy Graphghaning!!!


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