Easy Swing Top

Easy Swing Top

This easy swing top is a must have for any wardrobe and any body type

Start by determining what length that you want your top to be.  To find this measurement, you need to measure from your shoulder down to the finished length of your top.

Next, measure from the neck over to the finished length of the sleeve that you want.  You will take this measurement and double it so that it covers both shoulders and sleeves.

 Take the measurement from the shoulder to the sleeve length, doubled, and cut this out of your fabric.  Fold fabric in half with fold edges on top of each other. Measure the shoulder length, once while it is folded.  (if measurement is 40" total, the fabric folded measurement will be 20")
This is where you will cut across the entire width of the fabric.  The width of the fabric in the illustration is 60' wide.  You can use any width of fabric that you like.  I suggest that you use a minimum of 45" wide. Once you have cut the sides, you will next need to cut your front and back neckline.  Before doing this, you must decide what type of neckline that you want. The illustration will show a v neck front and a round neck back.
Now, the fabric is folded, put a pin to mark the center, and unfold.  Once unfolded, and you have decided what type of neckline that you want, you will now mark that distance from the pin mark and then cut down to that length to represent the finished from and repeat for the back.
Next, find your shoulder length and cut from the center pinned mark across the shoulder.  The diagram shows a 5" shoulder length, so you will cut 5" from the center neckline to  the end of the 5" mark on both sides.

Now, cut from the 5" mark down to the center front/or back in a circular motion for a round neck, and in a diagonal  motion for a v neck.
This is what your swing top looks like after it has been cut. It drapes and lays beautifully. All that's left to do is to finish the neckline and the circular hem.
To finish all thee edges, including the neckline, you will do a rolled hem stitch or a mock serged hem.
Once the hem has been done, you can leave it as is which will make it a cape, or you can stitch up the sides to give privacy at the armholes and sides. To measure this, you will want to try it on for size, and then pin the side for the armhole. This diagram is pinned about 4" total to create an armhole. When stitching, be sure to back stitch carefully so as to give some reinforcement to the armhole opening so you don't rip the stitching apart.  
Once the stitching has been done...that's it, simple embellish it with your favorite jewelry and bottom, be it jeans, slacks, or a skirt.  Hope you try it...Happy Sewing!